(JW) The Watchtower Society and Aluminum

As harmless as aluminum is for us today (has always been), the Society used to have a strong vendetta against it, for reasons I’m not sure. The Society had labeled it a “curse to humanity” and that “after syphilis…[aluminum] is the most common source of toxemia…not to mention that it’s “killing the whole

According to the 1936 the “Golden Age”, Sept. 23 pg. 803 “the unseen guests at the aluminum-dinner table” apparently are food poisoning, cancer, and death.  See below…

1936 The Golden Age, Sept. 23  p. 803

In the same issue on page 806  they pictured a slaughtered goat (the public) that was “killed” by the “evil” men that endorse aluminum. Below…

1936 The Golden Age, Sept. 23, p.806

According to this 1930 April 2nd “Golden Age” pg. 438 (below) “The Scientific American, The Literary Digest, most of the M.D.’s are dead wrong,” that aluminum is safe. They are “immune to facts or reasons as the D.D.’s are on the “hell” question. By the way D.D. stands for “Dumb Dogs”. Many groups that disagreed with JF Rutherford were often called this slander…how sincere he was.

1930 Golden Age April 2nd pg. 438

Evidently, according to the “Golden Age”, Sept. 8, 1937, p. 771 (picture below) the rich greedy men were not too concerned about all of those “sick” people going to the hospital because of aluminum.

The Golden Age, Sept. 8, 1937, p. 771

In the same issue on page 773 (below) the children were being loaded up “for the tomb”. Evidently, one of the children contracted insanity from aluminum.


Even as late as 1949, the Society was publishing comments from doctors on how harmful aluminum was. What I find interesting is that most of the doctors only had their initials listed, kinda makes it it hard to verify this information huh? Read the 1949 Awake Aug. 8th pg.16 below…

1949 Awake Aug 8 pg.16

Finally we got new light (in 1962) that “At present the great majority of authorities in medical and scientific fields gave aluminum a rather clean bill of health.” This was printed in the 1962 June 22nd “Awake!” pg. 8. May the soup kitchens of the world rejoice.


3 responses to “(JW) The Watchtower Society and Aluminum

  1. Have you read the verse In 2 Thessalonians on the time of coming of Christ Jesus to resurrect the dead? That is the time when Jesus is first time will resurrect the people in union with him and his Father. – 1 Thessalonians 4:16 Have you ever read the verse which said that Jesus is the first-born among the dead? why is it he is called firstborn among the dead? – Colossians 1:15 and Revelation 3:14. It is becuase he is the first one who died and resurrected and live forever. Now you are asking if the 144,000 are the only ones who will go in heaven yes. Read my blog entitled “FUTURE RULERS OF THE WORLD – WHO ARE THEY” AND “IDENTIFYING THE FUTURE HEAVENLY AND EARTHLY BEINGS” See also my other blogs that discusses about the doctrine of the Jehovah’s Witnesses. Once you read them I am sure you are going to think of it. Pretty sure you will agree with them…


    Enjoy reading the truth…

  2. Why do the witnesses take the number 144,000 literally, but refuse to take as literal that the 144,000 are Jewish, virgin men, 12,000 taken from every tribe of the “sons of Israel”, who are taken out so they do not have to suffer the wrath of God upon the Earth?

    The Bible does not teach Heaven is a 1st come 1st served proposition. Jesus died so everyone would have the chance to go to heaven.

    Besides, assuming the Witness teaching is true, heaven would have been filled very early on with martyrs and other true believers.

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