(JW) What Is The Kingdom of God? Part 2

If you haven’t read Part 1 please do so before reading this post CLICK HERE…it’s the law lol j/k. In this installment of the “Kingdom of God” I would love to share some more interesting verses on this subject. I “discovered” these verses below.

Isa 60:19-21 The sun shall be no more thy light by day; neither for brightness shall the moon give light unto thee: but Jehovah will be unto thee an everlasting light, and thy God thy glory. 20 Thy sun shall no more go down, neither shall thy moon withdraw itself; for Jehovah will be thine everlasting light, and the days of thy mourning shall be ended. 21 Thy people also shall be all righteous; they shall inherit the land for ever, the branch of my planting, the work of my hands, that I may be glorified.

The obvious observation is that this scripture is in the Old Testament. So logically one can conclude that this scripture and the “thy’s” and the “thee’s” are directed at Israel and the patriarchs. This passage of scripture has some interesting cross references to the New Testament. Where in human history has the sun and moon not shown nor been needed for light etc? Well, yes this is a trick question it hasn’t happened yet but will happen in the future according to Revelation 21:23 and 22:5.

Revelation 21:23 And the city hath no need of the sun, neither of the moon, to shine upon it: for the glory of God did lighten it, and the lamp thereof is the Lamb.

Revelation 22:5 And there shall be night no more; and they need no light of lamp, neither light of sun; for the Lord God shall give them light: and they shall reign for ever and ever.

These passages refer to the time after (ya eternity) the thousand year reign of Christ or “new millennium” as some call it. The JW’s will say that the “other sheep” will benefit from the light of Jehovah and the “Theocratic Reign” from Jesus and the 144K, but only from “paradise earth”. There’s a city that was mentioned in Revelation 21:23, lets see if this has a cross reference that we can connect to. Well, in Hebrews it mentions that Abraham looked for a city whose builder is Jehovah below…

Hebrews 11:8-10 8 By faith Abraham, when he was called, obeyed to go out unto a place which he was to receive for an inheritance; and he went out, not knowing whither he went. 9 By faith he became a sojourner in the land of promise, as in a land not his own, dwelling in tents, with Isaac and Jacob, the heirs with him of the same promise: 10 for he looked for the city which hath the foundations, whose builder and maker is God.

Wait a minute here, what city was built by Jehovah that Abraham was waiting for? Perhaps this city is Jerusalem? There must be another scripture to clarify where this city is located. Read below…

Hebrews 11:16 But now they desire a better country, that is, a heavenly: wherefore God is not ashamed of them, to be called their God; for he hath prepared for them a city.

Ok so we can see that this city is “heavenly” but who are the they according to Hebrews 11? Apparently it’s Abel, Enoch, Noah, Abraham, and  Sarah etc. Make sure to read this chapter to verify this information. Lets make sure we know the name of this heavenly city before we conclude. According to Revelation 21:2 it is Jerusalem, well the “NEW JERUSALEM”. Read below…

Revelation 21:2 And I saw the holy city, new Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God, made ready as a bride adorned for her husband.

Why does the Watchtower insist that heaven is only for the 144K despite the Biblical evidence showing it’s for ALL who are obedient to Jehovah? I’ll let you decide the answer of that 😉

(NOTE: All scripture references are from the American Standard Version)

(JW) The Little Flock

Earlier we discussed that the 144K class (according to past JW theology) was already fulfilled within the first few centuries A.D CLICK HERE. What sticks in current JW theology is that Jehovah chose the anointed Christians in 1919 as his faithful and discreet slave to be his representatives (1).This slave class is said to give “food at the proper time” or “meet in due season” (2). Interestingly enough is that there is a two class system of Christians within the Watchtower Society. The “Little Flock” (144k/anointed) are the ones said to be going to heaven while the “Other Sheep” are the ones with an earthly hope (3). So to reiterate here, the “Little Flock” are considered to be ONLY the anointed class and no one else. There is one main problem that one may find with this arrangement however. In the early days of the WBTS they viewed ALL true Christians as the “Little Flock” and that there was only ONE calling, which is the heavenly calling. Read the 1888 Watchtower June pg. 7 below…

1888 Watchtower June pg. 7-8x2

The 1993 Proclaimers book pg. 160 admits this fact as well. Another interesting fact is that the Society once included Trinitarians like Wesley, Calvin, Luther, and Knox as part of the “Little Flock”. Read the 1883 Watchtower March pg. 5 below

1883 Watchtower March pg. 5_LITTLE FLOCKx2

The Society also taught that “All must eat the flesh and blood of our Lord Jesus” (communion/partake of the emblems). Read the 1887 Watchtower February pg. 2 below…1887 Watchtower Feb. pg.2-3_ANOINTEDx2

So, if the WBTS has claimed that the “Little Flock” are all true Christians, then who have the other sheep been all along? To be continued…



(1) 1988 Revelation It’s Grand Climax At Hand paragraph 18 pg. 63.

(2) 1995 Knowledge Book pg. 161.

(3) 1989 Reasoning From The Scriptures pg. 166.