(JW) The Little Flock

Earlier we discussed that the 144K class (according to past JW theology) was already fulfilled within the first few centuries A.D CLICK HERE. What sticks in current JW theology is that Jehovah chose the anointed Christians in 1919 as his faithful and discreet slave to be his representatives (1).This slave class is said to give “food at the proper time” or “meet in due season” (2). Interestingly enough is that there is a two class system of Christians within the Watchtower Society. The “Little Flock” (144k/anointed) are the ones said to be going to heaven while the “Other Sheep” are the ones with an earthly hope (3). So to reiterate here, the “Little Flock” are considered to be ONLY the anointed class and no one else. There is one main problem that one may find with this arrangement however. In the early days of the WBTS they viewed ALL true Christians as the “Little Flock” and that there was only ONE calling, which is the heavenly calling. Read the 1888 Watchtower June pg. 7 below…

1888 Watchtower June pg. 7-8x2

The 1993 Proclaimers book pg. 160 admits this fact as well. Another interesting fact is that the Society once included Trinitarians like Wesley, Calvin, Luther, and Knox as part of the “Little Flock”. Read the 1883 Watchtower March pg. 5 below

1883 Watchtower March pg. 5_LITTLE FLOCKx2

The Society also taught that “All must eat the flesh and blood of our Lord Jesus” (communion/partake of the emblems). Read the 1887 Watchtower February pg. 2 below…1887 Watchtower Feb. pg.2-3_ANOINTEDx2

So, if the WBTS has claimed that the “Little Flock” are all true Christians, then who have the other sheep been all along? To be continued…



(1) 1988 Revelation It’s Grand Climax At Hand paragraph 18 pg. 63.

(2) 1995 Knowledge Book pg. 161.

(3) 1989 Reasoning From The Scriptures pg. 166.


2 responses to “(JW) The Little Flock

  1. Great research. Just another indication that Russell, had he been a JW today, would be disfellowshipped and destroyed at Armageddon. Its amazing that JW’s apparently aren’t held accountable for what they believe, but whether or not they are in line with the current teachings of the society.

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