(JW) Jesus chose the WBTS in 1919 despite teaching these doctrines


The Watchtower claims that they are the only true organization/religion that’s approved by Jehovah God, and that they were definitively chosen in 1919. Read below…

(1973 God’s Kingdom of a Thousand Years Has Approached page 355)

This is an astounding claim to many, considering all of what the Society teaches, especially what they were teaching back in 1919. Though we don’t have the space to examine every doctrine they were teaching at the time, we’ll include a good amount to see if their statement could possibly be true.


1. Teaching the worship of Charles Taze Russell-

(1916 Watchtower December 1st page 6015)

2. Teaching the worship of Jesus-

(1918 The Finished Mystery page 290)

3. Teaching that Jesus became king in 1878 (not 1914)-

(1918 The Finished Mystery page 66)

4. That one of their main magazine editors was demon possessed-

(1913 Bible Students Convention Report)

5. Promoting books dictated by fallen angels to humans-

(1924 Angels and Women)

“I made some inquires, and was told that it was a book that a fallen angel dictated to a woman, showing a desire to come back in harmony with God; and that Pastor Russell approved of the book.” -1924 Dec 3rd Golden Age page 50

6. Preaching racism-

(1902 Watchtower July 15th page 215)

“While it is true that ‘of one blood God hath made all nations of men nevertheless under present imperfect conditions a wise segregation is probably an advantage to all concerned.”-1919 The Golden Age page 8

7. Preaching the cross-

(1918 The Finished Mystery page 418)

8. Teaching that Jesus returned invisibly in 1874-

(1918 The Finished Mystery page 60)

9. Teaching that the 1000 year reign of Christ started in 1874-

(1918 The Finished Mystery page 386)

10. Teaching that the “other sheep” were to be in Heaven and number approximately 411,840,000-

“The number of the Great Company (other sheep) will apparently exceed one hundred millions. Num. 4:46-48 and Ex. 28:1 indicate but one priest to each 2,860 Levites, which would make the number of the Great Company approximate 411,840,000.—T118, 119; Dan. 7:10. 5:12. Saying with a loud voice—The Great Company will be very enthusiastic workers on the other side of the veil“-1918 The Finished Mystery page 102-103

11. Teaching that Charles Taze Russell was the Faithful and Discreet Slave, hence no Governing Body-

(1916 Watchtower December 1st page 5998)

12. Teaching that World War 1 is Armageddon-

(1917 Pastor Russell’s Sermons,  page 676)

13. Teaching that Michael is the pope-

(1918 The Finished Mystery page 188)

14. Teaching that the pyramids were God’s witness stone-

(1918 The Finished Mystery page 226)

Charles Taze Russell loved the pyramids so much that he requested in his will to have one placed next to his grave site. The Society carried out his request.

15. Promoting the pagan “winged sun disk”-

(1918 The Finished Mystery)

16. Promoting Masonic symbols-

(1918 March 1st Watchtower)

17. Falsely prophesying the end of the world in 1918-

(1918 The Finished Mystery page 485)

18. Celebrating holidays-

(1919 Golden Age Dec 24th pg. 215)

(1923 Golden Age Dec 5th)

(1926 Christmas at Bethel)



6 responses to “(JW) Jesus chose the WBTS in 1919 despite teaching these doctrines

  1. Hi, I HAVE SOME PERTINENT QUESTIONS to ask JWs and the WBTS is not very keen on handing out email addresses for correspondence. Who should I address my questions to?? Regards.

  2. Very true, Russell was wrong 95% of the time, wrote about nonsense on subject like the pyramids. Did not understand the simple terms regarding the Hebrew words for day, or generation. So why then did Jesus as the newly installed King of God’s Kingdom chose such a group that was so wrong about so much to represent Him? As a group they were striving to understand and apply the scriptures, and were doing so in a world of spiritual darkness that had permeated mankind for 1500 years. Where the rest of Christianity was content to sit in it blindness and false doctrines. Who else was their to choose? What other group existed that was not so spiritually dead it’s spiritual body already bloated and stinking of spiritual corruption already? The 12 apostles did not seem at the time a very good choice to build a spiritual movement on when He chose them. He did not chose the Scribes, Pharisees, Teachers, Priests, because they were to blind to corrupt to change. Jesus needed an organization that was malleable and willing to grow and change from what it was in 1914 to what it is today. Thin if He had chosen any other faith, We still be sitting in the same place.

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