We Have Moved! New Blog.

This blog will no longer be in use -though it will be left up- as we have moved to a new location here on Word Press. The new blog is at http://razorswift.wordpress.com/. I had high hopes and many ideas for this blog, but life simply got in the way. Hence, the few number of posts. What do I mean by that? Well, some of you may know that I’ve had a debilitating back injury, and that since 2007 I haven’t been able to work much because of it. As time has gone on, I’ve since learned (by numerous doctor visits) of more issues that have been compounding my problem. I’ll spare you the details but just ask you to pray. Through all the physical, emotional, and financial pain etc that I’ve experienced in these recent years, it has forced me to dig deep into myself and ask existential questions about what I know and what I think I know. It has been a challenge, but has forced me -in a good way- to research many of the topics, issues, etc that I previously didn’t have time for. It’s still a daily struggle to make sense of it all (I’m tired of doctors hehe), how/if I’ll get better, but I know one day this situation will be used for a purpose. With this new blog, I hope to be much more active and have provoking thoughts and ideas that will make people think. Since it appears that my drumming days are over, I would like in the future to pursue going to school at Southern Evangelical Seminary. It only takes money…


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